Web UI Design: Flat Design & Colors

Free download Elegant Web UI Design Techniques: Flat Design & Colors.

Here’s what’s in Elegant Web UI Design Techniques: Flat Design & Colors:

Chapter 1 – A Retrospective and Futurespective Look at Colors on the Web. Designers are pairing bright colors in a way that was almost taboo a few years ago, even straying from brand-dictated color schemes. As high-def displays became common, designers no longer had to worry about only using the 216 web safe colors. Now, color is everywhere.
Chapter 2 – Complementary Color Design Techniques. How to use color blocking and color, pairing color and texture, and more; plus free resources and tools to get your started.
Chapter 3 – Exploring the Evolution of the Flat Design Revolution. Why has flat design exploded? It gives the user exactly what they want and need: the content.
Chapter 4 – Deconstructing Modern Flat Design. Flat design is changing and becoming “almost flat.”
Bonus – 10 Free Flat Design Resources and Tools.

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