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Every startup needs to get a fantastic product in front of its target market. People will only spend time getting to know your product, though, when they feel that they can use it intuitively. Learning how to build a UX design for startups gives you a big advantage over competitors.

Marcin Treder, the CEO and VP of UX Design at UXPin, wrote this ebook, so you know that it has useful lessons from someone with a deep understanding of business and design.

UXPin’s UX Design for Startups ebook gives you six chapters covering the most important things to know about building a UX that users will love. If you haven’t made a UX interface before, you will learn a lot quickly.

Even if you’re a professional with years of design experience, you could still learn a few things about testing and efficiency. There are always new approaches that can help you create more effective UX designs in less time.

What the UX Design for Startups Guide Will Teach You
Chapter 1: The Age of User Experience – Technological progress over the last couple of decades has emphasized the importance of giving users intuitive interfaces that make it easy for them to access the features they need.

Chapter 2: Get to Know Your Users – “Guerrilla research,” user surveys, and feedback forums help startups understand their target users so they can build interfaces that meet expectations and attract more people.

Chapter 3: Efficient Design Techniques – Instead of committing to one design technique, try a variety of efficient options – like drawing on paper, using sticky notes to test ideas, and building basic wireframes – to find a strategy that matches your team’s talents.

Chapter 4: Growth and Design Hacking – Measuring metrics, adapting to human behaviors, and encouraging team members to collaborate will reveal a path to making a UX that helps startups succeed.

Chapter 5: Get It Optimised – Releasing a UX is the first step towards analyzing how people use it so you can leverage real data to keep finding innovative solutions and optimising future versions.

Chapter 6: Tools, Tools, Tools – Get to know some of t
he most useful tools for wireframing, interactive prototyping, diagramming, session recording, and usability testing.

Other Resources Related to Startup Designs for UX
There’s plenty more to learn that can make your startup UX design more successful. UXPin has several webinars, blog posts, and ebooks that will teach you essential skills like following the minimalist UI trend, improving collaboration between team members, and avoiding some of the most common UX mistakes that prevent startups from reaching their goals.

The following list of publications will get you started!

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