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Corum Watches

Discover Corum Swiss Watches. Unique and High-End Luxury Watches Made in Switzerland. Designed for lovers of the seas and adventurers at heart, the Admiral collection incorporates two different lines: the Legend range, characterised by its classic functions and elegant design, and the Admiral line, robust, sophisticated and designed for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The Essential Supplier Guide

Welcome to THE essential guide that every chef and restaurateur needs to read before considering a new supplier. This will give you the tools you need to discover what matters most for your business so you can go out and source from the best suppliers for you. Whether you are thinking about opening your own […]

Brightful Meeting Games

Need something fun to warm up your remote meeting? Just because you’ve moved your meetings online, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the human connection. We’ve designed Brightful Meeting Games to spark a little fun and laughter in your next virtual gathering.

Signal Snowboards

Founded in 2004 as a small snowboard brand, Signal is built to connect. It’s in the name and is a mission handed down by the founders from day one to pursue a more creative, thoughtful and direct connection with others that share not only a love for snowboarding, but other passions in life. Over the […]

A judgment free space to share stories, learn from others, and check subconscious bias.

Heretic ūnhanded is a weekly branding report. Created by creatives for creatives, we hunt talented designers and expose their talents to the world. Heretic ūnhanded explores inventiveness and effort as central sources of creativity and meaning. It’s a meticulously prepared weekly review of handpicked visual identities from around the world. We exist to inspire creative […]

Don’t let a good idea stay just an idea. ProtoPie is the most intuitive way to prototype and perfect them.

PHAEDIS is a storytelling platform that partners with brands to bring you designer clothes from seasons gone by.

It takes just a minute to create your profile and share it with your network and connections

Create better user flow design and spend less time doing repetitive tasks. Work smarter and faster right from the start 🌟.

Set your price, availability, and share your URL. That’s it. Anyone can call you in the world, privately, without exchanging contact information.

Product Designer with a strong passion for illustration. Currently enjoying the sunny side of the world in Barcelona, Spain.

Ruttl is the fastest way to collect visual feedback, collaborate, and manage ideas on any website and graphics.

Selling more is all about guiding visitors through the right steps. Create stages and let Adoric build the right path for each person.

Gain total skin wellness through Murad’s science -backed professional skin care treatments and solutions that promote healthy, nourished, and beautiful skin.

Attract talent with beautiful job posts and manage candidates in an easy-to-use and powerful hiring tool.

The simple way to design, print and sell your own t-shirts and limited edition apparel online.

Jan Patawa is Czech designer and creative director with over 15 years of industry experience. Currently he works at BRAINZ Studios. Patawa helps disruptors and social change-makers elevate their brand and business through considered visual communication & digital experiences.

Beverages derived from plants that benefit the human body and psyche.

Lexop gives you everything you need to reach, incentivize, and collect from past-due customers. Automate your recovery efforts, provide the most convenient payment experience, and retain your customers. Communicate with past-due customers and engage them via today’s preferred channels. Direct your customers towards a self-serve payment portal offering multiple payment options. Improve your recovery strategy […]

In short, BlurHash takes an image, and gives you a short string (only 20-30 characters!) that represents the placeholder for this image. You do this on the backend of your service, and store the string along with the image. When you send data to your client, you send both the URL to the image, and […]