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Chiara Luzzana is an award-winning Sound Designer focused on Sound Design, Music Composition, Sound Branding, Soundtrack and Audio Installations collaborating with companies and agencies all over the world.

Nude is a savings account and financial friend for first-time home buyers. See how long it’ll take to save your deposit, then we’ll help you knock time off your goal.

A collection of articles and resources from the design team at Slack.

Pitch is a design company, driven by your brand and purpose. We’re an extension of your team, sharing our expertise to help shape and achieve your vision.

We dreamt up the idea of Jupiter while living together during the summer of 2019. Having recently graduated from Stanford, and started Y Combinator, we set out on a bold mission to build a company that would touch the lives of millions of people. While also creating a positive impact on the planet. We started […]

Viral Positivity

Viral Positivity is a fundraiser and positivity drive benefiting healthcare workers across Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We may not be able to end the pandemic, but we can get through it together.

Modern tequila designed to pair with tonic. 100% agave tequila, inspired by the vibrancy of modern Mexico.

Hey, I’m Matt Downey. I’m currently the Digital Director at Mybite, a vitamin company making it deliciously simple to stay healthy and energized. Previously, I was the founder and Creative Director at 45royale, a remote-first web design and development agency.

Finally, a pharmacy that over-delivers. We’re your partner in navigating the ins and outs of prescriptions — with free delivery and advice.

We rack our brains to boost your business growth and automate your company processes to relieve you from stress. For us design is only a tool!

The A-Z of AI

This A-Z guide offers a series of simple, bite-sized explainers to help anyone understand what AI is, how it works and how it’s changing the world around us.

An office noise generator – providing you with the soothing tones of modern office life to help you focus when working from home.

Thanks to our scientific foundation in combination with our No More Boring Learning philosophy, we achieve business results that are tangible. We simply believe that developing yourself is fun.

A content marketing agency, delivering creative campaigns that float.

We energize our community with yerba mate in a healthy, natural and sustainable way, through a portable and modern experience that respects the environment and resources, with a 100% recyclable bottle and an innovative MateCaps system of compostable capsules.