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👋 Hi, I’m cassie I like making fun, interactive things with code. I also talk & write about those things.

Cash App is the fastest way to get your stimulus check.

Life is defined by our actions. Everything counts. Books you’ve read, kilometers you’ve run, every cup of coffee, every takeoff and every landing, every workout, every headspace session, every movie, every night out, and every glass of water next morning. Everything counts. And everything that counts — shapes us.

Summer is the all-in-one place for you to create and share your favorite lists of books, movies, shows, music, podcasts, games, and soon, places and events.


Explore, curate and share everything you’re passionate about.

Brightful Meeting Games

Need something fun to warm up your remote meeting? Just because you’ve moved your meetings online, it doesn’t mean you have to lose the human connection. We’ve designed Brightful Meeting Games to spark a little fun and laughter in your next virtual gathering.

Bye is the first email service to automatically respond with an insult, and then delete every email sent to you. Bye is our erotic letter to email, and we’re sending it to you on the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, McDonald’s kiosks and Android.

Our customized urban solutions lead the global bike share movement with compassionate, healthy, sustainable systems built on smart technologies, top engineering and design.

Get going with the hybrid smartwatch that tracks activity, sleep, heart rate & more.

Bokeh is an intelligent portfolio platform for professional photographers that grows with your work.

Automate your entire healthcare hiring, onboarding and compliance with a true technology platform.

We greet every project as an opportunity to challenge thinking, change your perspective, and generate excitement.

Create better user flow design and spend less time doing repetitive tasks. Work smarter and faster right from the start 🌟.

Set your price, availability, and share your URL. That’s it. Anyone can call you in the world, privately, without exchanging contact information.

Origami Studio

Introducing Canvas. A new way to visually layout your Origami prototypes with freeform drawing tools, text editing, and visual components.

Easily create website prototypes with thousands of real website components. No design skills needed!

The most affordable (starts at $20/mo), comprehensive tool for authentic Community Growth, Campaign Tracking, and Instagram Stats.

Ruttl is the fastest way to collect visual feedback, collaborate, and manage ideas on any website and graphics.

Brutalist Web Kit

Build your next website using the brutalist design trend with over 70 free artboards. Download the beautiful artboards for free here.


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