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I am Jelena

Hi! I’m a Waterloo, ON based digital marketer with a focus on social media, love for all things visual and a lifelong tendency to hoard the information about trends, culture, and lifestyle that I’m always trying to put to good use.

#1 Monthly web design & marketing tech flat-rate service. We help entrepreneurs and marketers scale through on-demand access to designers and developers.

The most affordable (starts at $20/mo), comprehensive tool for authentic Community Growth, Campaign Tracking, and Instagram Stats.

In branding and website design we aim to make the complex seem simple, so even the backend-developer’s mom would understand your product.

Crowd is an award-winning, global creative and performance media agency. Founded in 2012, we operate from San Francisco to Shenzhen.

We know PPC like the back of our hand…the front of it too. You’ll quickly see why we have low client churn. You’ll know what you’re paying for media and what you’re paying us. We never hide behind marketing jargon. We don’t take you and your needs lightly. Customer service is one of the most […]

Incorporation and Company Secretary Services

Branding & Digital marketing agency