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Whether you’re part of a school club, gaming group, worldwide art community, or just a handful of friends that want to spend time together, Discord makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often.

Summer is the all-in-one place for you to create and share your favorite lists of books, movies, shows, music, podcasts, games, and soon, places and events.

Take control of your phone, save time and find focus each day with the Opal app. Once installed on your phone, distracting apps like Instagram, Twitter and others won’t connect to the internet until you decide to use them intentionally”

Pakko supports micro-entrepreneurs on a daily basis using simple management tools designed for the French market. Test the beta version for free.

It takes just a minute to create your profile and share it with your network and connections

Modern tequila designed to pair with tonic. 100% agave tequila, inspired by the vibrancy of modern Mexico.

As technology becomes core to every company, our job is to make digital experiences that create human connections. Websites and products that spark joy and bring value to both people and businesses.

Radical Design

Are you an aspiring designer, developer, marketer, or gourmet donut maker? Do you need to find a way to make your designs way less boring and more memorable? Well then, this course is for you.

A pioneering and momentous initiative, GOODFISH, is changing the way we think about snacking with the launch of the first 100% traceable Wild Alaska Sockeye crispy salmon skin chips propelling sustainable seafood into mass market culture.

When you’re using a Finsweet product and you get stuck, we’re here to help you to fix the issue for FREE.

We’re a cross-disciplinary team that loves to create great experiences and make meaningful connectionsbetween listeners and creators.Learn more about our design community below and browse the latest opportunities on our team.

Brussels Airport in numbers

With 25.7 million passengers handled, 2018 was yet another record year for Brussels Airport! But do you have any idea of how many cups of coffee are served here every day? Or of the total length of escalators and moving walkways at Brussels Airport?

With is the place to stay connected throughout your day with colleagues, friends and family. Unlike temporary video calls, it’s built around the shared experiences and personal interactions we rely on everyday.

Funny enamel pins, patches and artwork focusing on design, art, nerdery, computers, sci-fi, movies and more.

I am a French / American designer and creative leader living in San Francisco. Currently @airbnb. Previously @stinkstudios @kickstarter, @hellomonday, & some. I am a @hyperisland alumnus.

Attract talent with beautiful job posts and manage candidates in an easy-to-use and powerful hiring tool.


ERABOY: A group of mexican illustrators ready to design your visual identity. Get in and get a fresh new brand. Se habla español.

Home of the Angry Birds – stars of the Angry Birds Movie and the beloved mobile games downloaded billions of times worldwide.

Barrel Recap 2019

Barrel presents the 2019 recap, filled with all of the great projects that we worked on in the past year. See our work for brands like Dr. Jart, Barry’s, Laws of Motion, Miss Grass and more.

WE GAVE CHOCOLATE A MAKEOVER. We stripped away the added sugars, emulsifiers, and other weird ingredients. Instead we use the whole cacao pod—seed and fruit—to let chocolate’s inner-beauty shine.

With Ziago you can play fun games over Skype, Zoom and other video chat apps. Play your favorite drinking games online live with friends! We also have fun games that doesn’t involve any alcohol to enjoy with your friends and family.