A robust color management tool for the modern age.

Our color picker runs natively across MacOS, Windows, and Linux (coming soon), allowing you to have the same seamless workflow, regardless of what machine you might be on. Colors are automatically copied to the clipboard, so they can be easily pasted wherever they are needed.

Palettes are the main color organization method in Swach. You might use them for separate projects, brands, inspiration, etc. They can store as few or as many colors as you would like. Colors can be moved from your color history into any palette, and between any unlocked palettes as well.

Sometimes you may have one base color you particularly love, but you are not sure what other colors might go with it. To remedy this problem we added the color harmonies palette generator. This feature can be accessed by hovering the menu options of a single color and clicking the slider. It supports generating complementary, monochromatic, triad, and more!

Ensure your color combinations are accessible and adhere to the WCAG standard. Colors with insufficient contrast can hurt accessibility and can be frustrating for users of your product. Use this tool to avoid those issues.

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