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A judgment free space to share stories, learn from others, and check subconscious bias.

Heretic ūnhanded is a weekly branding report. Created by creatives for creatives, we hunt talented designers and expose their talents to the world. Heretic ūnhanded explores inventiveness and effort as central sources of creativity and meaning. It’s a meticulously prepared weekly review of handpicked visual identities from around the world. We exist to inspire creative […]

We dreamt up the idea of Jupiter while living together during the summer of 2019. Having recently graduated from Stanford, and started Y Combinator, we set out on a bold mission to build a company that would touch the lives of millions of people. While also creating a positive impact on the planet. We started […]

Take control of your phone, save time and find focus each day with the Opal app. Once installed on your phone, distracting apps like Instagram, Twitter and others won’t connect to the internet until you decide to use them intentionally”

Don’t let a good idea stay just an idea. ProtoPie is the most intuitive way to prototype and perfect them.

PHAEDIS is a storytelling platform that partners with brands to bring you designer clothes from seasons gone by.

We create harmonious interactions between humans and the digital world.

Pakko supports micro-entrepreneurs on a daily basis using simple management tools designed for the French market. Test the beta version for free.

Access to information has helped us evolve rapidly but not without side effects. Misinformation and the strong polarization of opinions are amplified by our confirmation bias tendencies. What to believe, who is right, who is wrong? Questions with no answers inevitably create anxiety. The good news is that there is a simple way to reduce […]

It takes just a minute to create your profile and share it with your network and connections

We gather large groups of students who need help paying for school and get lenders to compete for our business.

A website to help raise money for New York restaurants and their employees while they’re closed.

Pillmeier GmbH

Pillmeier GmbH is a company specializing in gardening and landscaping in Abensberg. With our wide range of services and more than 5 decades of experience, we are the right partner for a wide variety of exterior designs. Are you a private home owner and would like to create or maintain your garden? With pleasure! Are […]

LeafLink connects 4,900+ retailers with 1,500+ brands and distributors for streamlined cannabis commerce.

Bokeh is an intelligent portfolio platform for professional photographers that grows with your work.

Automate your entire healthcare hiring, onboarding and compliance with a true technology platform.

We greet every project as an opportunity to challenge thinking, change your perspective, and generate excitement.

This site is a just a silly side project made by me, Håvard Brynjulfsen. It’s a collection of my favorite fun facts. You see, I have a tendency to blurt out random fun facts at parties or when hanging out with friends. Despite the high quality of the facts some of my best former friends […]

There’s no going back to “normal.” We need a reset, not just a recovery. Now is the time to dream bigger and build better.

Viral Positivity

Viral Positivity is a fundraiser and positivity drive benefiting healthcare workers across Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We may not be able to end the pandemic, but we can get through it together.

SoonLaunch is a bundle of eye-catchy, high-quality, and easy to use Coming Soon, Product Launch, and Under Construction HTML Templates, Themes, and Pages. Comes with 30+ ready to use templates, built-with HTML5, Bootstrap 4, and Latest tools & technologies.