MONUMENTO is a creative team that specializes in Design and Branding and works inside this little black house, located in San Pedro Garza García, México.

Our design process is founded on research and strategic thinking. We use Branding and Design as tools to build projects that are not only beautiful but timeless, functional and unique. We work closely with our clients and have high regards for their dreams, for we also have a couple of dreams of our own; such as an independent art fair, and a global concept store. In order to make all of this happen, we work with a network of collaborators –experts on their fields– who also happen to be very close friends of ours. This allows us to expand our services to other disciplines, making it possible for us to work on bigger and more diverse projects while keeping our design direction and philosophy intact.

Branding, Design & Art Direction, Architecture and Interior Design, Industrial Design, Art and Artistic Projects, Web Design and Development, Social Media and Specialized Digital Services.

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