The union between LeMond and carbon fiber was solidified in 1986. This marked the first victory for both Greg and a carbon fiber bicycle in the history of the sport.

Victory would become prolific to the LeMond name as Greg continued to win on his eponymous bikes. The ubiquity of LeMond Bikes materialized in the victories at the Tour de France, World Championships, and the inimitable Paris-Roubaix races.

In 1995, the nascence of LeMond Bikes as a brand was made manifest in a partnership with Trek Corp. Together, they released what would become one of the nation’s top road brands until parting ways in 2008.

Greg has since pivoted to the research and development of disruptive carbon fiber technology leading to the creation of his company – LeMond Carbon. He holds licenses to two patented technologies which will irrevocably disrupt the industry.

Innovative technology paired with LeMond design principles has coalesced into a relaunch of the brand. Greg is now releasing the new Dutch and Prolog models of ebikes stemming from a desire to make biking accessible to all.

Other models are soon to arrive as patents become formalized. Road, Gravel, Mountain, and Adventure bikes are anticipated and will combine revolutionary components and quintessential LeMond aesthetics. More to come.

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