We dreamt up the idea of Jupiter while living together during the summer of 2019. Having recently graduated from Stanford, and started Y Combinator, we set out on a bold mission to build a company that would touch the lives of millions of people. While also creating a positive impact on the planet.

We started pitching different ideas to our friends, and to anyone kind enough to listen.

One day, something magical happened. We visited a family. This was a dual-income family with a newborn baby. When we showed up, they had written down six pages of products they wanted us to put on this automatic replenishment system. We called this system autopilot.

Retreating back to our apartment, we argued intensely about whether we should pursue this idea. What would autopilot really mean? We came up with these simple answers:

Autopilot would mean that families around the world wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything: not their careers, not their time with their kids, not their well being.

Autopilot would mean the most accurate demand data for the world’s supply chains. This could have an outsized impact on the reduction of food waste.

That felt like a stellar thing to be able to give to people: to say “here’s your time and mental energy back”. All while making our part for the planet. So we decided to build it. Jupiter would be the first grocery automation company.

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