The AI week is a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence. With implications on the present and the future, AI has tremendous power to transform society as a whole. This summit will focus on India’s massive potential in being the best country to develop AI solutions for mankind’s greatest problems at population scale. By leveraging large scale skilling, applied research, and supportive policy, India has the potential and opportunity to become the global powerhouse for AI solutions for social sectors enabled at population scale.

The summit has dedicated days focused on youth skilling, healthcare, mobility, and the future of work. These sectoral deep dives will help bring to the forefront critical concerns and approach notes.

The summit will also inaugurate a first-of-its-kind Applied AI Research Center, a unique collaborative partnership between Intel, IIIT-Hyderabad, PHFI and the Government of Telangana. This week also brings us cutting edge thinking in health, smart mobility, and the future of work.

The summit brings together deep technology thinking, application of technology to solve problems at population scale, and provides a peek into the future of the way we are going to live, learn, and work.

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